Health Check of ClickDimensions setup.

Do you keep ClickDimensions straight?

When was the last time you looked at your ClickDimensions setup: webforms, automation flow, email templates and data generated from visitors to your website?

As the amount of data is increasing very fast, there is a growing need to ensure data is not incorrect or outdated. This can lead to distortions in your analyzes and reports or, in the worst case, lead to wrong decisions in your company’s marketing strategy. That is why we are happy to offer you a complete marketing service – a Health Check of ClickDimensions setup to ensure the value and timeliness of your data.

Your Report “360° Health Check of ClickDimensions” contains:


    Critical setup and system errors that require immediate action


    Errors and omissions that need to be corrected but do not have a direct impact on system usage


    Assessments that are flawless but contain recommendations

360° Health Check of ClickDimensions setup – Report contains

We look at:

  • Data – reviews records that collect and contain the largest amounts of data
  • Functionality of automation and workflow
  • Actuality of ClickDimension’s version
  • Web form validity
  • Technical setup of forms, form captures and surveys
  • Setting up Email templates
  • Soft and hard bounces of email broadcasts

With a 360 ° Health Check of ClickDimensions

We analyze your settings and come up with improvement proposals for better utilization of the system’s use and functionality, which are subsequently implemented by yourself or in collaboration with us.

Fixed price: DKK 12,900

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