Get value of your investment in ClickDimensions and exploit the potential of your data


What is the challenge with ClickDimensions data?

The problem is that data is found in various entities and records, spread out in Dynamics 365. It is almost impossible to get a comprehensive overview and be able to analyze and measure important KPIs.

Therefore, you have probably asked questions such as:

  • How can I make analyzes faster, better, and cheaper?
  • How can I turn all my data into actionable insights?
  • If I do not have the data, how can I get it?
  • How can I use insights to automate and run my business?

We have solved all that for you.

Pre-built Marking Dashboards

Simple solution that includes all your data, analyses and fact based decisions

This should be fulfilled

You already have all your ClickDimensions data in one place (Dynamics 365)

It should be easy to get full insights, in the tools you already use to build dashboards.
How do we do it?

Tt should be easy to compare and use data with existing dashboards you already have built internally in your organization.

Share and work together in the same Microsoft Power BI tool as the rest of your organization.
How do we make ClickDimension’s data visible in Power BI?

Why don’t your marketing automation tool provide ”out-of-the-box” measurable insights?

See all yourdata gathered in one place ”out-of-the-box” – with measurable insights!
What is the solution?

What does it take?


To build yourself:

  • 7 different Skill Sets
  • + 1.000 hours
  • A cost of 250,000 USD


Pre-built solution:

  • We have acces to all needed skills
  • We spent the necessary hours + more!
  • We took the cost for you

Experts say, “You could solve these challenges with Power BI” – And that is exactly what we did

What is the solution?

We introduce

Dashboards as a Service

We have pre-built Dashboards with all your Dynamics 365 + ClickDimensions data.

  • Simple solution
  • On-demand access in Microsoft Power BI

Pre-built Marketing Dashboards with analytics and actionable Insights

A simple solution with all your data into a single view.

Contact us to order dashboards

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