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Facts about ClickDimensions

ClickDimensions is a marketing automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. ClickDimensions has a number of functions that support the company’s processes in both Sales and Marketing: e-mail marketing, web-tracking (behaviour logging), lead scoring, SMS, nurture flows, social insight, collection of data directly in CRM, questionnaires, campaign and event management.

ClickDimensions gives businesses the ability to stay ahead of prospects interested in their products and quantify their level of interest to take the necessary action. The company gets the opportunity to set up work processes that ensure uniform, relevant and personal communication to the individual customer.

100% embedded
ClickDimensions is the only marketing automation system fully integrated in Dynamics 365. 
All in one tool
ClickDimensions contains all the functions and elements you would expect to find in a marketing automation system.
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Certified partners
To make sure of the best possible satisfaction among their customers, ClickDimensions has chosen to certify all of their partners. 

100% Embedded

ClickDimensions is the only marketing automation system that is fully embedded in Dynamics 365 itself. In short, this means that you can only use ClickDimensions if your company also uses Microsoft Dynamics 365. (You can also use other systems without having access to Dynamics 365). There are a number of advantages and disadvantages associated with it, and it is one of the things that we at For A Fact know a lot about and which we make a point of talking to our customers about. Fortunately, there are far more advantages than disadvantages, but you must know about them, as it will affect how you generally work with data-driven marketing via ClickDimensions. ClickDimensions has gone through a transformation over the past few years. Microsoft’s move to develop their own marketing system has resulted in ClickDimensions going through a transformation process. This has also meant that they have become even more focused that the system performs better, has more functions, and that they generally ensure that the system is developed to be one of the best marketing automation platforms that is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365.
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ClickDimensions functions

ClickDimensions contains all the functions and elements you would expect from a marketing automation system. In addition, they have a fairly advanced survey tool, event management and campaign management. You can also do Social marketing through ClickDimensions via Oktopost and for data analysis they have Intelligent Dashboards powered by Sweetspot. All In all, a full palette of options that covers the vast majority of people’s needs for running data-driven marketing together with Dynamics 365. If you want to know more in depth about the individual functions of ClickDimensions, we have collected it at www.ClickDimensions.dk. This is a page that we at For A Fact look after and maintain due to our close collaboration with ClickDimensions.

Make demands on your ClickDimensions partner

In order to ensure the greatest possible satisfaction with their customers, ClickDimensions has chosen that their partner must be certified. A partner decides for himself whether they want to be certified in the individual areas – but ClickDimensions can end up taking care of individual functions for the customer themselves or refer you, as a direct customer of theirs, to another partner who is certified in the area where you need support/advice. Make demands on your partner and ask them to document their knowledge of ClickDimensions.

The four ClickDimensions certifications:

First, a ClickDimensions partner can be certified to sell their licenses. This means the partner is able to provide a proper sales service, can tell about the ClickDimensions functions and is able to give a demo of the system. Most classic Danish Microsoft partners are at this level.
Product Consulting
After you have started using ClickDimensions and you gradually gain more experience in using the system, you will probably want to use even more functions in the system? This is what Product Consulting ensures. If your partner is certified at this level, they have proven that they have an understanding of the various ClickDimensions functions and how they are set up in the system. 
If the ClickDimensions partner is not certified at this level – then they are not allowed to be responsible for setting up and onboarding at the customer. ClickDimensions has a fixed Onboarding program that their customers go through. It consists of a “success program” and helps to ensure that you as a customer are properly introduced to the system, get the right training and education, get the first e-mails sent out via ClickDimensions and set up the first automatic flows. If your partner is certified, they are allowed to adapt and prepare their own onboarding process – as long as they ensure that you as a customer go through the same elements and areas.
The last area is being able to support you. If your partner has that certification, they have proven to ClickDimensions that they are able to solve most common problems and errors that the customer experiences. Here, however, you as a customer must remember that your license gives you access to direct and free support at ClickDimensions. Then possibly use ClickDimensions as 1st. level support if possible. At For A Fact, we always recommend our direct customers to put For A Fact cc on the support tasks the customer creates at ClickDimensions. That way, we can follow up if there are challenges that need to be resolved quickly. However, the time difference can sometimes be a challenge – which is why it can be optimal to have a Danish partner who can remedy and support. All in all it is not unimportant if your partner is certified in this area!
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