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Set up customer journeys
and use data across
sales and marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing

Open a whole new world of marketing and communication possibilities with your customers and prospects.

Data-driven marketing with an incredible number of options that provide the best conditions for uniform and adapting the dialogue 1:1

With Dynamics 365 Marketing, you must dare to embrace data-driven marketing – in return, you get the opportunity to conduct behavior-driven marketing, and as an additional level, there is the option of using AI to predict and suggest certain actions.

Real time marketing

Initiate actions across all departments and optimize with AI assistance in real time. 

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Outbound marketing

Plan, execute and analyze your marketing campaigns and give the sales department new insights.

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Hold live events or webinars and lead participants through automatic follow-up flows. 

Data first

What we absolutely love most about Dynamics 365 Marketing is the access to data and how you get the opportunity to use data actively in your communication. Regardless of whether data is created in the sales, marketing or service department, you will be able to either use data actively in communication or act on the insight you gain from analyzing data.

In addition, you get completely new opportunities to use insights from data across other Dynamics 365 products such as Dynamics 365 Sales and Microsoft Customer Data Platform (CDP – also called Customer Insights.)

Microsoft’s approach is: Data First – several of their systems have built-in models that help create predictions based on your data. This insight means that your company can be proactive instead of reactive and gives you the opportunity to make the right decisions.

You must have control over data! It is simply a requirement that you have good control over your data if you want to use Dynamics 365 Marketing. Both in relation to the license structure, but also in relation to ensuring that you are successful with the system and get the full potential out of the investment it is.

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Before you start

You must be prepared for the fact that there are several functions that need to be considered before you start using Dynamics 365 Marketing.

For A Fact makes a big effort to get companies to first focus on their data-driven marketing strategy before choosing the system. With Dynamics 365 Marketing, it’s even more important!

There are quite simply several elements that need to be set up and decided upon before you start getting the right value out of your work.

E.g. you can choose which entities from Dynamics 365 Sales you want to use in Dynamics 365 Marketing to form segments etc. based on. But here you have to think about it! It cannot be turned off again. Once you have selected an entity to synchronize data, these cannot be selected later. Entities are e.g. Contact Records, and you can use the data you have on your contacts to create target groups.

Make sure you get the right advice before you start, it can save you from a lot of challenges later on.

Please download our decision document here.

As an advisor, it is our job to help you succeed with your marketing solution and realize the potential of your investment. The decision document contains a plan for how you will succeed in this.

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