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Tools we recommend

Tools we recommend


When we work with data and marketing in Dynamics 365, there is often a need to connect data from social media or other data sources. That’s exactly what LeadsBridge does. It is a link between e.g. Facebook forms and Dynamics 365.

It connects data from LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and approx. 380 other integrations. Incredibly easy setup.

We use LeadsBridge on several of our customers and it works really well.

Read more about LeadsBridge here

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Power platform

The Power Platform from Microsoft is in great development. This is where many of Microsoft’s latest functions, etc. are becoming available and are being developed at great speed.

Power Platform covers several different tools and you should know them all as they can be used to great advantage in your work with data and marketing.

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Power Apps

Dynamics 365 itself is a Power App. If you work with Dynamics 365 Sales or perhaps Dynamics 365 Marketing, it is a Power App that is tailored for exactly those functions.

With Microsoft Power Apps, you can create small, tailored Apps solutions yourself so that the individual employee or department gets something that is precisely adapted to their way of working, while another department has something completely different. This while you are all working with the same data, which is simply at an underlying level.

Low code- Node code is perhaps a term you have heard about?

This covers the fact that Power Apps, as a rule, do not require code to be able to work. You can compose your App yourself in Drag and Drop elements. However, our experience is that with a bit of code, some really exciting, advanced features can often be added.

Do we use Power Apps in Marketing? Yes, to a large extent, and you must most definitely uncover the opportunities for your company.

Power BI

Power BI from Microsoft has been here for a long time, and it is a tool for visualizing data. There is a standard integration for Dynamics 365, so it is incredibly simple to access your marketing data and via Power BI create an insight you can act on.

You can set up reports or dashboards and display exactly the KPIs or other things that are important to you.

We have successfully developed some special standard dashboards in Power BI. You can see examples of them here.

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Power pages
With Power Pages you can create new web pages and landing pages. Microsoft itself says that with Power pages you can build your entire website. However, there are a few other caveats you must take into account before replacing your existing CMS with Power Pages. For Landing pages etc. it is very simple to use.
Power automate

Automate all the work functions you can. That’s what Power Automate can help you with.

There is also Power Automate Desktop. Here, the individual employee can take daily routine tasks themselves and make them automatic. Quite simply, you can record the various things you do, open a folder and a document on your computer, save it as a pdf, etc. Power Automate Desktop “records” all the different steps and when you’re done, it turns the recording into an automatic function. (it can be adapted afterwards if there are some things you want added or changed)

We use Power Automate in many different functions with data and marketing. It can be used as a link when there are changes or certain actions in the database, so we can trigger other behavioral actions in your marketing system.

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Do you use Paid Media campaigns?

Tivedo takes Paid Media to a whole new level and with a user-friendly interface you can simply and easily sit down and plan and execute your campaigns in all the places you normally use.

If you currently use an agency to handle the execution of your campaigns, you should talk to us about how you can use Tivedo and get data directly into Dynamics365. Data must be easily available where you need it and so you can take new sales topics forward with marketing automation directly from Dynamics 365.

Read more about Trivede here

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Gain insight into which companies visit your website.

If you are a B2B company, the vast majority of visits are from anonymous people and companies.

With Leadfeeder, you gain insight into which company the visitor came from. That knowledge can be of great value in your sales department and coupled with your marketing activities there are some exciting opportunities you should investigate.

We have used Leadfeeder ourselves for several years and get data stored directly in Dynamics 365.

Read more about Leadfeeder here

Customer insights (CDP)

Maybe you know about CDP? Customer Data Platform. Customer Insights is Microsoft’s CDP.

You probably work with data profiles from several different data sources? You have data in Dynamics 365, in your ERP and perhaps other different social platforms, Apps etc.

With Customer Insights, you connect all these data sources and can thus create an insight into your data that can be used with your marketing system in Dynamics 365.

Read more about Customer Insights from Microsoft here

Customer experience platform

Microsoft gradually has a wide range of options around solutions for customer experiences and dialogue with customers. Their Customer Experience Platform covers a collection of several different tools in that category. You probably use several of them already? Dynamics 365 is one of them, but Dynamics 365 Commerce, Dynamics 365 Customer service, Sales and Marketing are also included.

In short, it’s about data, having access to data, creating insight into data and translating that knowledge into concrete action, which is often translated into how you can communicate, in real time, with your future and existing customers.

This is exactly what we do at For A Fact. Helps you with your data so that you get the most out of your options with the Microsoft products you use in your company.

Read more about the Customer Experience Platform here


How active are you on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram?

Did you know that data and communication can be merged with Dynamics 365.

Oktopost is the tool we recommend when you need to work more strategically with Social Media and which we ourselves use at For A Fact.

There are an incredible number of exciting opportunities, not only for the marketing department but in several departments. Use social communication and bring data and insights to Dynamics 365 and translate it into actionable opportunities across the entire organization.

Read more about Oktopost here

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