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How did For A Fact start?

Back in 2009, Flemming Bækdal worked as Sales Manager DK in a Scandinavian company that had the sales rights for ExactTarget. It was the first marketing system with a successful integration to Microsoft CRM – then version 4.0.

However, the company worked mostly with selling licenses and not with the actual advice on how companies became successful with marketing automation.

At the beginning of 2013, Flemming Bækdal started For A Fact.

With a focus on helping companies create more business through advice on data-driven marketing, marketing solutions and how companies can lift the value of their Microsoft Dynamics 365 investment across sales and marketing.

With more than 10 years of dedicated focus on marketing together with Dynamics 365, Flemming Bækdal is today the leading expert in Denmark, and toady the company has both large Danish companies, Danish international companies and some foreign companies on its customer list.

Independent – your security

For A Fact is system independent and Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner independent.

To ensure your company the right advice, For A Fact has chosen to be system independent.

This means that we do not emphasize one system over the other. The right system must always be chosen based on your starting point and forward-looking strategy and goals for working with data-driven marketing.

In the same way, we are independent of Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners. For A Fact does not provide traditional CRM consultant assistance, nor does it advise on upgrades or development of your existing CRM solution. Therefore, we can collaborate freely with all the partners who have a collaboration with Microsoft Dynamics 365. It is a security for you – partly to have a partner like For A Fact to be a watchdog towards your CRM partner, so your Marketing Automation solution is the right one and works optimally. It is also an advantage if the company one day chooses to change CRM partner – that For A Fact has comprehensive knowledge of a central part of your communication platform and can ensure that valuable knowledge is passed on and retained.