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Free up time from
routine administrative tasks

Get full value of your marketing campaigns

Are you getting full value from data and sales opportunities created from your marketing campaigns?

Does your campaign stop because data must be manually imported into Dynamics 365 or do you need to set up automatic processes that can seize new sales opportunities as well as the opportunity to share insights between marketing and the sales department?

We help you get the campaigns all the way from idea to execution and collection of data that can be shared and further processed.

Flow der viser All Round Kampagne planlægning

Allround campaign planning

Think about your marketing campaigns and assess whether you need advice/support for one or more of the areas listed on the right: You know what the goal is with the individual campaign, but it can often be difficult to set up the right KPIs. Not because you don’t know what they should be, but because it can actually be difficult to get the right data to be able to measure a certain KPI. The 8 points are all different elements that are included in each individual campaign.

Typically, our customers have challenges with these 3 areas:

All round campaign planning
with Dynamics 365

With the right all-round planning, you free up time from routine administrative tasks, where you look for information for the sales department to ensure that they reach the right people from the campaign, to have the opportunity to focus on marketing.

What does your department spend time on?

How often does the sales department not think they get valuable data and insight from your campaigns?

Some marketing departments believe it takes up to 80% of their time.

Remember Dynamics 365 as your starting point

You have a goal with your campaign, and most often it results in some data that needs to be processed and transformed into actionable insights for the sales department. Remember to factor this into your campaign planning.

For A Fact helps you think about the campaign all the way from the idea base in the marketing department to the sales department having an effective overview in their sales view in Dynamics 365.

What is the goal?

Look at the campaigns you are already executing today.

Find the latest campaign you have just finished and look again at the results from the campaign.

What was the goal, and did it reach the goal?

If we ask the sales department and the salespeople, what do they say?

Could the individual salesperson look in Dynamics 365, find the most sales-ready leads and effectively follow up?

Creating marketing campaigns in a company that uses Dynamics 365 is not just about planning the marketing activities themselves, selecting a target group and preparing a Paid media campaign.

What is Allround campaign planning when
the company uses Dynamics 365?

It takes something special to do marketing activities when your company uses Dynamics 365.

If you have an existing marketing system that is integrated with Dynamics 365, you need to look at the options the marketing system has. 

Which resources do you need when you do marketing together with Dynamics 365?

Read this review to ensure you have access to the right resources. 

Split up your marketing campaign

To make it simple, divide your marketing campaign into the parts that lie outside Dynamics 365 and the parts that must be done in Dynamics 365 itself.

Outside of Dynamics 365, the usual considerations are: what is the goal, when should the campaign be activated, what is the budget and what are our expectations for results? Overview of all activities such as the type of campaign, which channels should we use and which formats should our material be produced in?

The parts in Dynamics 365 are usually something with data, system knowledge and can be a bit technical. Therefore, we often see that the marketing department does not particularly focus on those parts.

Should the campaign be executed from Dynamics 365 or via external platforms? If external, how does the data land in Dynamics 365, who owns the data and how is the data visible? Who processes data and how is insight created in relation to the measurement of KPI and further use of data?


If you want to be successful with marketing in Dynamics 365, you have to think of it all as one unit and have control over processes, data and necessary resources around the entire campaign. Then follow this: Strategy, Plan, Execute, Analyze, Optimize, Execute, Analyze, Optimize…
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