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Get insight into your
existing data

Insight into existing data

Insights that lead to concrete actions are essential to exploiting the full potential of your data.

What insights are hidden and unused in your data?

Often the data analysis itself is an under-prioritized area for several marketing departments. Not because they don’t want the insight, but simply because there isn’t always access to the right resources.

In addition, there may be a lack of knowledge about what should be measured in relation to optimizing marketing activities.

We provide concrete action options from insight and have extensive experience in analyzing data in Dynamics 365.

We are happy to display your data in Power BI so that at the same time you can easily access the data afterwards and carry out the same analyzes in the future.

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Find important insights in existing data
Focused options for actions from insight
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Get access to ongoing data analysis
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Get insight of your existing data

We have gathered the necessary skills and perform many different data analyzes on marketing data in Dynamics 365 on a daily basis.

Examples of what your data may contain

Which Leads have been created where marketing activities were a leading cause of the lead being converted to an opportunity?

Which campaigns work best?

We further analyze in relation to which visits were generated and look at which channels delivered the most visits that ended in sales/conversion.

Were there different steps in the individual campaign that could have been optimized?

Where in the campaign flow did most people stop and not progress? How can we optimize and improve it in the next campaign?

Is your use of web forms set up optimally? We look at data from visits to pages that contain a web form and provide, among other things, figures on the submit rate in relation to the number of visits to the page.

We look deeper than just open and click rates on sent emails.

How good are you at converting anonymous visits to the website into known visits? And recommendations on how you can improve it?

Automation flows – data is spread over many different sub-elements such as many sent e-mails containing several different links, posted forms, questionnaires etc. and it is difficult to create an overview of where optimization can be done. We provide an overview and insight into which step in the individual automation flow both performs really well, but also which steps can be improved.


Conversion %

Paid vs. Owned campaigns – what performs best?

Get insight into your
existing data

Get a solid starting point on your way to being data-driven. Let’s together ensure that you get value from your investment in Dynamics 365 and realize the potential of your data.

You get a status report and an analysis of all the data you just have lying around in Dynamics 365.

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What then?

Transform data to valuable insight

If you would like to continue to optimize your use of data and make fact-based decisions, you must continue to convert data into insight. As part of our Full Service support solution, we help you e.g. with effectively utilizing both Dynamics 365 and marketing, analyzing and optimizing as well as helping you to deliver better results.

We use dashboards in Power BI and connect them to your data. We use them to create insight and advise based on your data.