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Paid media campaigns made simple

Paid media campaigns often involve working across multiple platforms in order to reach your target audience. This also means that you do not have an overall overview of how different campaigns are performing.

At For A Fact, we have entered into a collaboration with Tivedo, which is a platform that precisely makes it more manageable and simple to work with paid media campaigns. Tivedo offers predefined target groups and a comprehensive overview of campaigns. We offer setup, ongoing execution of new campaigns in the tool as well as design and development of HTML5 banner.

Keep everything together

Keep all paid media campaigns in one place and get a comprehensive overview.

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Predefined target groups

Predefined target groups make it easy and clear to target your campaigns.

Selected media channels

Access multiple media channels – all from one place.

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The target groups are based on direct interviews and data enrichment based on analysis and behavior as well as on hard data, figures and statistics from official registers. This ensures the best possible starting point for reaching very specific target groups.

There is access to more than 250 predefined target groups, which help to make it clear for you to select who will see your various campaigns.

Media channels

Danish media sites

Get your campaigns displayed across Denmark’s largest media. Your messages will be shown to everyone in your chosen target group, whether they’re reading news, checking travel plans, football scores or something else entirely.

Among the media are i.a. Nordjyske Medier, B.T., TV2 and Berlingske, Jyllandsposten and Den Blå Avis.

Google Dynamic Ads

Reach your target audience with the help of Google’s own algorithms. All you have to do is select your relevant pages and write two short texts. The system itself defines keywords and relevant headings, which are displayed in Google searches.

Facebook, Messenger, Instagram

Facebook is undoubtedly the largest social media in Denmark, with 75% of the Danish population connected to the medium. As part of the Facebook network, Messenger and Instagram also follow, which has over 1.9 million users in Denmark.

All target audience selections are customized based on more than 150 Facebook target groups.


If you work with business to business segments, LinkedIn with its approx. 2 million Danish users, is a relevant source for your messages. You simply select the most relevant LinkedIn target groups when you create your campaign.

However, be aware that your campaigns will be displayed with Tivedo as the sender.

Get a sneak peek into the system

Simple as that ...

The tool is simple to work with and requires no special technical skills. You can choose to design your banners inside the tool itself, where it is possible to adapt e.g. button text, colors and which images are used.

If you would like to have 100% control over the design of your banner, this must be designed and built outside Tivedo. Either you can build the banner yourself, or we also have the option of helping you – afterwards it’s just a matter of uploading the finished banner to Tivedo, after which you still have access to a simple and clear overview.

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